Community Mobilization Prince Albert (Synopsis)

Prince Albert Police Service

Description: Community Mobilization Prince Albert (CMPA), also referred to as the “Hub,” is a multi-agency team focused on crime prevention. CMPA integrates the activities of various community agencies, including the Prince Albert Police Service, local school boards, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services. These agencies work together to identify at-risk children and youth, share information on the individuals and families involved and develop integrated, targeted intervention strategies. The Hub is supported by a Centre of Responsibility (COR), which is made up of an executive director, two analysts and an administrative assistant. This initiative has been in place since February 2011 and has been recognized as a leading example of the Province of Saskatchewan’s Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime strategy (also included in this Index).
Objective: CMPA has several objectives:
  • achieve a dramatic and ongoing reduction in the levels of crime and victimization in Prince Albert;
  • improve all aspects of social wellness, including reducing emergency room visits and school truancy rates;
  • give citizens and families at risk the supports needed to build positive and healthy lives;
  • allow youth to grow and be educated in environments free from fear and risk; and
  • grant businesses a safe and positive marketplace in which to operate.
Outcomes: From April 2011 to March 2012, the CMPA initiative contributed to an overall drop in Prince Albert’s crime rate by 11%, the number of public prosecutions dropped by 12% and emergency room visits declined by 11%. The CMPA model has received national and international recognition. It is can be adapted by other communities across Canada and is now being tested elsewhere, including in Toronto neighborhoods. The University of Regina is currently conducting a formal evaluation of this initiative.
Resources: This initiative is currently funded by the Province of Saskatchewan at a cost of $450,000 annually. This includes the salary costs for the executive director, two analysts and an administrative assistant. Federal and provincial contributions covered the start-up costs (approximately $165,000).
Province: Saskatchewan
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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