Regina Children’s Justice Centre (Synopsis)

Regina Police Service

Description: The Regina Children’s Justice Centre (RCJC) is an integrated partnership made up of members of the Regina Police Service and the Ministry of Social Services. The members of the RCJC are part of a multidisciplinary team that includes the Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority (RQRHA), the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education. Through the RCJC, a team of Regina Police Service officers, social workers, municipal agencies and community groups works together to investigate incidents of child abuse among youth aged 16 and under. This initiative was initially implemented in 1994 as a three-year pilot project known as the Regina Integrated Child Abuse Unit. It has since evolved to become one of the most recognized centres of its kind in Canada.
Objective: The initiative seeks to reduce the trauma experienced by children during the investigative phase, which typically includes repeated questioning and recounting of traumatic experiences. When allegations of child abuse are investigated jointly by a multidisciplinary team, there are fewer questions and trauma to the child is minimized. During an investigation, the interest and needs of the child are the focus at all times.
Outcomes: The RCJC has led to more efficient and effective investigation of child abuse cases. The team has built expertise in investigating allegations of sexual or physical abuse via the child forensic interview process. There is a broader range of treatment and support options for children and families, with fewer incidents of services overlapping or conflicting. Furthermore, the Crown has reported a reduction in the number of contested cases, which in turn means fewer child interviews and fewer children appearing in court. The RCJC was highlighted on the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week website in spring 2012. A formal evaluation has not been conducted.
Resources: Funding for the initial set-up of the RCJC was provided by the Ministry of Social Services ($74,400 annually) and the Regina Police Service ($84,600 annually). Ongoing costs include office costs ($159,000 annually including rent, parking, property tax, power, gas, janitorial supplies and maintenance/insurance costs) and training (approximately $10,000 annually). Wages and vehicle operation and maintenance costs come out of the Regina Police Service and Ministry of Social Service annual budgets.
Province: Saskatchewan
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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