Collaboration and Efficiency Opportunities within Emergency Services (Synopsis)

Ottawa Police Service

Description: The Ottawa Police Service is collaborating with the four branches of Emergency and Protective Services in Ottawa to develop an Emergency Service Efficiency Roadmap. This initiative was launched in 2012 to extend the close working relationship between the Ottawa Police Service and the City’s Emergency and Protective Services, and to identify further opportunities for collaboration and efficiency. The initiative was motivated in part by the City of Ottawa’s requirement that annual budget increases stay below 2.5%. In addition to the Ottawa Police Service, the following city services and departments are participating: Emergency and Protective Services; Fire Services; Ottawa Paramedic Service; By-law and Regulatory Services; and Security and Emergency Management.

This initiative aims to identify opportunities for the emergency services to better integrate their service offerings and administrative processes. The goal is to find efficiencies while continuing to provide high-quality service. A number of projects have been identified that will help to redefine the delivery of policing and community safety services in Ottawa and stimulate further collaboration amongst the partner agencies:

  • Tiered Response Review
  • Service Ottawa Opportunities for Ottawa Police
  • Supply Management
  • Emergency Services Information Technology
  • Public Education and Messaging
  • Emergency Services Facilities Master Plan
  • Radio Procurement Process
  • Fleet Management
  • Emergency and Protective Services Scheduling

A report was delivered to the City of Ottawa’s Community and Protective Services Committee in October 2012 and an implementation plan is forthcoming.
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Province: Ontario
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