Annual Shift Scheduling Review (Synopsis)

Ontario Provincial Police

Description: In 2013, to optimize operational capacity at detachments and meet the needs of the community, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) initiated a province-wide annual review of detachment shift schedules. New data analysis tools now enable managers to complete detailed reviews of the efficiency and effectiveness of shift schedules in their detachments. To support ongoing shift scheduling activity, the OPP formalized a provincial shift scheduling committee that includes the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA). Care is taken to respect the current collective agreement, as well as the OPP shift scheduling manual developed jointly by the OPP and OPPA in 2000.
Objective: The purpose of the annual shift scheduling review is to maximize police resource allocation and deployment and ensure that shift scheduling meets service demands without compromising officer and public safety. The review seeks to enhance shift scheduling processes. It helps implement a standardized, consistent and mandated approach supported by OPP policies and in accordance with the OPPA collective bargaining agreements. The end goal of the review is enhanced fiscal accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, and an enhanced ability to provide proactive policing strategies.
Outcomes: Results of the 2013 province-wide shift scheduling review (including any evaluation outcomes) will be communicated in an annual report to be completed by summer 2014. The annual shift scheduling review better positions the OPP to demonstrate the fiscal accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of its shift scheduling practices.
Resources: This initiative was undertaken using in-house personnel and did not require any set-up costs outside existing budget allocations.
Province: Ontario
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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