Crime Reduction and Prevention Strategy (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—'L' Division

Description: In 2009, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) ‘L’ Division ran a pilot project that used preventative policing to reduce property crime and address impaired driving issues. ‘L’ Division is now implementing the Crime Reduction and Prevention Strategy (CRPS) into its contract policing function. Under the strategy, crime analysts identify crime patterns so that the RCMP can focus on the small number of criminals who are responsible for a significant amount of property crime. The analysts also identify chronic impaired drivers who are at a high risk to re-offend. The analysts identify when and where individuals will likely re-offend, allowing for a more efficient, evidence-based allocation of resources. The CRPS also involves partnerships with other public agencies, to facilitate strategic interventions.
Objective: CRPS aims to reduce crime and victimization in PEI’s communities and increase the overall sense of safety of the public. The strategy has several specific objectives:
  • focus police resources strategically on the individuals responsible for the majority of crime;
  • track criminal behaviour and determine when and where prolific or chronic offenders will re-offend;
  • educate RCMP members and ensure that each chronic or prolific offender is taken before a Justice of the Peace in an attempt to remand or place enforceable conditions;
  • work with community partners to address the underlying issues that lead to criminal behaviour; and
  • identify and monitor chronic impaired drivers.
Outcomes: The results of the CRPS pilot project were exceptionally impressive. Property crime numbers have continually dropped in that geographic area, compared to traditional statistical benchmarks. The approach has removed many repeat offenders from communities, either through incarceration or by the individuals voluntarily leaving in response to increased police and partner agency intervention. In those areas where the strategy was not implemented, crime statistics have either stayed the same or have increased over the same period of time.
Resources: Set-up costs included the funding of a civilian member position.
Province: Prince Edward Island
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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