Domestic Violence Action Team (Synopsis)

Lethbridge Regional Police Service

Description: The Lethbridge Domestic Violence Action Team (DVAT) is a group of community agencies in Lethbridge that work together to address issues of domestic violence through collaborative practice, public education and awareness. Team members represent their agencies (which include social services, justice, policing and community organizations) and share information to ensure a consistent response to domestic violence in the community. They meet regularly to discuss specific files in order to address issues such as risk. DVAT has been in place in Lethbridge since 1995. Since its inception, it has evolved from focusing primarily on the criminal aspects of domestic violence to a more holistic approach where all team members recognize the importance of addressing each facet of domestic violence.
Objective: DVAT’s objectives are to share information, raise public awareness regarding the community impacts of domestic violence, address partner-specific concerns, arrange training opportunities, and collect and assess domestic violence court data and information on crime rates.
Outcomes: DVAT has been instrumental in raising awareness of domestic violence in Lethbridge. For example, the team worked with police to create a video that helps to educate the public on the police service’s role in dealing with domestic violence. The video will be posted on the DVAT website, along with another video from the Crown Prosecutor’s office.
Resources: DVAT did not require financial resources from the Lethbridge Regional Police Service. The police service contributes a representative to the committee and provides the space and support staff for meetings.
Province: Alberta
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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