Sexual Violence Action Committee (Synopsis)

Lethbridge Regional Police Service

Description: In an effort to enhance public awareness and knowledge of sexual violence, the Lethbridge Regional Police Service established the Sexual Violence Action Committee (SVAC) in 2004. SVAC is a standing committee made up of representatives from partner organizations, including health, education, social services, justice, policing and community organizations. SVAC partners come together to provide leadership, coordination and a unified voice on sexual violence issues in Southwestern Alberta.

SVAC was created as a spin-off of the Domestic Violence Action Team (DVAT, also referenced in this catalogue) in recognition of the need to address issues of sexual violence as distinct from family violence.
While the committee does not handle individual cases of sexual violence, it does meet monthly to discuss topical issues with respect to sexual assault investigations, prosecutions, counseling and support, community education and awareness. SVAC serves as a forum to raise concern over local processes or shortcomings regarding sexual assault investigations, counseling and victim support. SVAC also arranges training for first responders and frontline staff from a variety of disciplines.
Objective: SVAC was established to share information, raise public awareness regarding the community impacts of sexual violence, address partner-specific concerns and arrange training opportunities for first responders who deal with sexual violence.
Outcomes: Ongoing positive relationships have been established among SVAC partner organizations. Partner agencies and the public have benefited from SVAC’s training, education and public awareness efforts. The positive work done by SVAC has led to an increase in its membership.
Resources: The establishment of SVAC did not require financial resources. Partner organizations, including the Lethbridge Regional Police Service, contribute representatives to the committee. Training has been provided by various groups, including agency members. Most of the training costs are covered by Lethbridge Family Services, which is funded by the Province of Alberta to provide education regarding sexual violence. Other committee members have provided in-kind assistance.
Province: Alberta
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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