Neighborhood Crime Mapping (Synopsis)

Edmonton Police Service

Description: The Edmonton Police Service developed the Neighbourhood Crime Mapping online tool in 2009 to provide timely, relevant data on crime at the neighbourhood level. On the Neighbourhood Crime Mapping website, citizens can view crime statistics for a specific neighbourhood and time period (from one day to 60 days) for up to eight different types of crime (homicide, robbery, sexual assault, non-sexual assault, break and enter, motor vehicle theft, theft from auto and other thefts over $5,000).

This online tool helps the public and community crime prevention partners become better informed in relation to public safety decision making. It allows for better engagement with the Edmonton Police Service with regard to crime prevention initiatives and prioritization. Community partners, accurately informed about the conditions of public safety and supported by comprehensive crime prevention initiatives, are the best team approach to reducing crime and victimization in Edmonton.
Objective: Neighbourhood Crime Mapping seeks to provide the citizens of Edmonton with timely, relevant crime data at the neighbourhood level in an effort to improve public engagement and create stronger partnerships in crime prevention initiatives and prioritization. This tool also enhances the accountability and transparency of the Edmonton Police Service.
Outcomes: Feedback received from the citizens of Edmonton has been positive and continues to reinforce the value of the crime map. Feedback has also included ideas for enhancements. An evaluation of the initiative is not planned at this time.
Resources: Neighbourhood Crime Mapping required an investment of approximately $20,000. This included software development costs and $6,500 in graphic design fees. There is an ongoing annual cost of $10,000 for a Google Premium licence.
Province: Alberta
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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