Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—'K' Division

Description: Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams (INSETs), led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), are multi-agency teams made up of specially trained members of the RCMP and other law enforcement and national security partners. Working together, INSET members track, deter, disrupt and prevent criminal activities of terrorist groups or individuals who pose a threat to Canada’s national security. INSETs work collaboratively across the country and with international partners. INSETs are currently found in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Alberta’s INSET was established in June 2012 and is made up of representatives from the RCMP, the Edmonton Police Service, the Calgary Police Service, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
Objective: The objective of INSETs is to ensure the effective and timely investigation of national security threats through four key strategies: prevention, detection, denial (of the means and opportunity to pursue terrorist activities) and response.
Outcomes: By working together, the RCMP and its partners are well positioned to prevent, detect, deny and respond to criminal threats to Canada’s national security. As an integrated investigative unit, the Alberta INSET plays a critical role at the forefront of Canada’s counter-terrorism strategy. The integration of the RCMP, the municipal police services and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has been successful in terms of seamlessness, efficiencies in investigations and greater reach in international files.
Resources: The establishment of INSETs required the investment of a significant amount of human resources by members of all partner agencies. RCMP ‘K’ Division reassigned two officers and office space towards this initiative.
Province: Alberta
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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