Taber Community Action and Prevention Society (Synopsis)

Taber Police Service

Description: In 2006, after an influx of cocaine dealers in the Taber community and increased incidence of addiction and accompanying crime, the Taber Police Service took the lead in organizing the Taber Community Action and Prevention Society (TCAPS). TCAPS is a registered society in Taber that seeks to build community capacity and mobilize a community-wide response to Taber’s drug problem.

In addition to the police service, TCAPS members include agencies for child and family services, health and mental health and victim services, as well as the local women’s shelter, the RCMP, school districts and four community members. TCAPS meets monthly and subcommittees meet as required to respond to the concerns tabled by the various agencies. TCAPS is continually seeking membership through advertising and attendance at community events, and it sponsors community projects.
Objective: The objective of TCAPS is to organize and mobilize various community agencies and citizens to deal with issues affecting the community such as drug trafficking and youth crime.
Outcomes: TCAPS led to the establishment of the Taber Community Against Drugs Committee, which organizes community events, sponsors school programs and hosts an annual Wellness Walk. Heightened awareness of the magnitude of the drug problem in Taber has led to operational success in eliminating major traffickers. TCAPS has led to the establishment of Drug-Free Zones in Taber and has helped the police service develop a more robust relationship with the community. A formal evaluation of TCAPS has not been conducted.
Resources: This initiative did not require a financial investment; however, the Taber Police Service has devoted considerable human resources to developing the vision and mandate, making the appropriate contacts and hosting meetings.
Province: Alberta
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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