Review of Integrated Units (Synopsis)

New Westminister Police Department

Description: In 2012, the New Westminster Police Department conducted a review of its participation in integrated units. The review looked at the value for money of participating in these units and whether a different model would be more beneficial. As part of this review, the department looked at how often it was using the service provided by integrated units. The review compared the cost of belonging to an integrated unit to the cost of doing the work within the department or contracting the services out externally.
Objective: The review of integrated units had two key objectives: identify ways to increase frontline policing without reducing police services in other areas; and identify opportunities for increased efficiency in the New Westminster Police Department.
Outcomes: The New Westminster Police Department deemed the review to be successful. As a result of this review, in January 2013, the department will switch from an Integrated Unit (with the police services from Abbotsford, Delta and Port Moody) to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Emergency Response Team (ERT) Integrated Unit. An internal evaluation found that switching to the RCMP ERT Integrated Unit will result in the secondment of two additional positions at no extra cost as well as financial savings that are equivalent to half the cost of an officer. This switch will also provide more career opportunities for New Westminster’s police officers. Furthermore, the department’s legal and financial risk will be reduced because the RCMP will assume liability for the unit.
Resources: The review did not require financial resources. It was conducted internally by staff in each department.
Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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