Rationalized Integration (Synopsis)

Saanich Police Department

Description: The Saanich Police Department plans to work with the Victoria Police Department to implement an integrated approach to computer forensic analysis. With rationalized integration, the two departments will work together to offer forensic analysis for a fee to other police services in the region.
Objective: The objective is to share the significant costs associated with computer forensic analysis (such as computers, software and training) across a larger region, reducing the financial impact on individual police departments. An officer from the Saanich Police Department who has completed a three-year apprenticeship with the RCMP as a computer forensic analyst will provide expertise.
Outcomes: Once the initiative is operational, the plan is to make the service available to two or three smaller agencies in the region, build capacity and work with more agencies over time. This initiative aims to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of policing in the region.
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Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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