Operational Review (Synopsis)

Vancouver Police Department

Description: The Vancouver Police Department is an organization of 2,000 people with a budget of $200 million. Under-resourced and dealing with the impact of an economic downturn, the department underwent an operational review in 2006 which took two and a half years to complete. The review had four components: a civilianization study; an overtime study; a patrol deployment study; and an administrative and investigative deployment study. It looked at the way the department was doing business and identified opportunities for greater efficiency and synergy. The City of Vancouver and Simon Fraser University were directly involved in the review.
Objective: The objective of the operational review was to make the police department as efficient and effective as possible.
Outcomes: As a result of the operational review, 19 positions were civilianized, saving $600,000. Opportunities were identified to share services with the City of Vancouver. Overtime policies were developed, new scheduling practices were implemented and deployment practices were reviewed.

The Vancouver Police Department performed an evaluation of the changes made as a result of the operational review and found that the changes were successful and the actual measures were directly in line with projections. The models developed for the scheduling of shifts, civilianization and overtime have since been replicated by other police services. The Vancouver Police Department gives presentations on these models to police services across Canada and the United States.
Resources: Between three and six employees worked on the operational review at different times. The Vancouver Police Department paid a consulting fee to a researcher from Simon Fraser University.
Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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