Community Safety Constable Program (Synopsis)

Vancouver Police Department

Description: Among the new policing models being developed by the Vancouver Police Department is the Community Safety Constable Program. The program creates a new tier of special constables to take on low-risk tasks such as report writing, guarding crime scenes and tagging stolen property. The initiative is a cost-effective, tiered approach to policing whereby tasks are assigned to the personnel with the most appropriate skill sets. Community Safety Constables do not replace police officers; rather they supplement existing resources.

Community Safety Constables will support frontline operations, provide a visible presence in the community and enhance the level of client service provided to Vancouver residents, businesses and visitors. Their work will allow sworn officers to focus on responding to higher-risk calls for service, crime-fighting and other frontline duties. This program may also create a pool for future police recruitment. It will bring different demographic groups into the Vancouver Police Department by providing an entry-level opportunity for those who may seek to become future police officers. This program will be implemented in early 2013, beginning with a three-year pilot project.
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Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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