Online Criminal Record Checks (Details)

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Description of Initiative:

The criminal record check application can now be completed online and sent directly to the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS). The applicant no longer needs to go to a police station and complete an application. The online process is much faster and more efficent.

Initiative Key Objectives:

Criminal Record Check applications can be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week online. Once submitted, a confirmation notice is sent. This further enhances WPS efficiencies.

Section Responsible for Implementation:

Police Records

Key Contact:

Winnipeg Police Service / Service de police de Winnipeg

Groups/ Agencies/ Key Partners Involved:

  • community groups
  • private agencies/corporations

Level of Involvement (consultative - information sharing) and/or cooperative - direct involvement):

A consultation process was undertaken involving a wide array of groups.

Amount of Time Initiative has been in Place:

Since October 2011.

Reason for Undertaking the Initiative:

Fiscal—new technologies employed have reduced overall costs.

Resources Required to Implement this Initiative:

Officer time was spent on research and a senior clerk spent four months setting up the program. WPS does not bear any costs for the system. The system is maintained by the company and the costs are recovered through user fees, as there is a cost to the applicant of an extra $5.25 to complete an application online.

Method of Implementation:

It was phased in. Both options are now available, online and in-person.

Key Outcomes of the Initiative:

Applications can be processed roughly four times faster.

Availability of a Communication Strategy:


Key Messages used to Publicize the Initiative:

It is more convenient. You can complete your application anytime and from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Forms of Evaluation by which the Initiative will be Assessed:

  • formative
  • summative
  • internal
  • quantitative
  • qualitative
  • social return on investment

Evaluation Completed or Community Feedback Received:


Summary of the Outcomes:

A written evaluation has yet to be completed, however this initiaitive has resulted in reduced backlog.

Summary of the Performance Measure Data Collected:


Economics of Policing Pillars:

Further Details:

Process innovation has resulted in the capacity to increase the number of checks that can be completed in a given time frame, thus creating a more efficent process.

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