Information Sharing via Social Media Programs (Details)

Name of province/ territory:

Nova Scotia

City/ Region:


Description of Initiative:

The Springhill Police Service developed Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Initiative Key Objectives:

Information sharing and interaction with the general public.

Section Responsible for Implementation:

Community Relations and Crime Prevention

Key Contact:

Constable Dan Quinn

Groups/ Agencies/ Key Partners Involved:

  • N/A

Level of Involvement (consultative - information sharing) and/or cooperative - direct involvement):


Amount of Time Initiative has been in Place:

Since summer 2012.

Reason for Undertaking the Initiative:

A need was identified to better communicate and share information with different social groups and demographics in our community through social media interaction.

Resources Required to Implement this Initiative:

Minimal set-up hours.

Method of Implementation:

Phased in.

Key Outcomes of the Initiative:

Program still in the infancy stage but optimistic it will better link and connect the community to our police service—in particular the youth and young adults who use both platforms religiously.

Availability of a Communication Strategy:


Key Messages used to Publicize the Initiative:


Forms of Evaluation by which the Initiative will be Assessed:

  • internal

Evaluation Completed or Community Feedback Received:


Summary of the Outcomes:

Initial feedback is positive. There are several followers on both social media platforms and this is growing daily.

Summary of the Performance Measure Data Collected:


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