The Government of Canada's response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11

On September 11, 2001, terrorist acts in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania claimed thousands of lives, including those of 24 Canadians.  These events have profoundly impacted Canadians, and remind us that we are not immune from terrorism.  The memory of the victims of terrorism and the pain of their families strengthen our resolve to fight criminals and terrorists at home and abroad and to stand up proudly for the principles that bind us:  freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights.  Our goal is to continue to build the resilience of our society and all communities to all forms of violent coercion. 

Since 2001, the Government of Canada has taken decisive action to address the evolving threat of terrorism, both within and beyond Canadian borders -- through legislative changes, targeted programming, criminal investigations and other initiatives. For example, we:

Countering terrorism and securing Canada is a shared responsibility that involves many organizations from all levels of government, law enforcement, border services, and private sector and international partners. While terrorism remains a threat, it is one that we are better able to deal with as a result of greater collaboration and partnerships. Given the global reach of terrorism today, addressing the threat requires universal cooperation. We stand firm with our allies against the threat of terrorism. By combining resources and aligning our focus on a common set of priorities with our international partners, we are in a better position to target the threats to our safety and security.

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