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As part of its effort to raise awareness across academia of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear security risks, as well as the potential for dual-use proliferation, Government of Canada departments and agencies (Public Safety Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) have developed an outreach workshop aimed at improving the cooperation between federal security partners and Canadian institutions hosting sensitive laboratories and research facilities.

Safeguarding Science was born out a series of successful exploratory meetings between the scientific community and federal agencies, as part of a multi-year pilot project. Based on feedback received, an outreach program was developed and is now offered to Canadian research institutions.

What is 'dual-use'?

Dual-use refers to products, knowledge or technologies based on research, which, although conducted for legitimate purposes, have the potential to be illicitly acquired and/or exploited by others to purposely cause harm, or to threaten public health or national security.

Safeguarding Science

Canada is a society of openness and freedom. These values are especially inherent in Canadian research institutions where the sharing of information and open dialogue constitute important components of the democratic nature of our country.

The Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Safety Canada, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission recognize the tremendous value of research in science, technology, and engineering. Yet, at the same time we are mindful that research and knowledge involving, for example, radiological substances or pathogens also hold the potential to be misused by individuals or foreign entities and directed for alternate purposes, up to and including weaponization. In order to protect valuable Canadian contributions to science, we are working together to advance an awareness of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear security in scientific research and development.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of this workshop are to improve cooperation between federal security partners and Canadian institutions hosting sensitive laboratories. This is accomplished through:

Workshop Overview

This interactive workshop is led by a multi-disciplinary team, and includes the following components:

What's The Benefit?

Safeguarding Science will:

Who Should Attend?

This program encourages a diverse mix of interested participants, including biosafety and radiological safety officers, information technology and information management staff, security personnel, researchers, human resources personnel, and senior management.

For More Information

For more information about this event or to inquire about scheduling your institution for a future outreach session, please contact:

Safeguarding Science
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