Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence

The Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence (Canada Centre) provides national leadership on Canada's efforts to prevent radicalization to violence. The Canada Centre works with all levels of governments, not-for-profit organizations, communities, youth, frontline practitioners, academia, law enforcement, and international organizations. The Canada Centre's activities include:

The Canada Centre does not manage, or advise on, individual cases.

Countering Radicalization to Violence in Canada

Radicalization to violence occurs when a person or group takes on extreme ideas and begins to think they should use violence to support their beliefs.

People can radicalize to violence for different reasons and it is not a problem facing any particular religion, culture or background.

Often, the best solutions against radicalization to violence come from organizations at the local level, as well as from families, friends and community members.

Overview of Prevention Efforts

Prevention efforts can include activities to support individuals and groups pushing back against violent extremism, addressing terrorist propaganda and recruitment online, and rehabilitating and reintegrating individuals who want to leave violent extremism behind.

Outreach and Engagement

In Canada, the rate of people becoming radicalized to violence is relatively low compared to other countries, but even one violent act can result in tragic consequences for victims and inspire fear, hatred, and further violence.  

The Canada Centre supports efforts designed at the local level, while informed by the best available evidence. This approach aims to prevent radicalization to violence in ways that are tailored to the needs and strengths of communities.

Community Resilience Fund

The Canada Centre provides funding to organizations that work to counter radicalization to violence in Canada through the Community Resilience Fund. Projects under the Community Resilience Fund will improve Canada's ability to address radicalization at the local level by supporting intervention research and programming, information sharing, and outreach activities.

Research Catalogue

The Canada Centre conducts, coordinates, and funds research in Canada and with leading international experts. Our focus is on action-oriented research that is practical and can be used by people working on the frontlines in Canada.

The catalogue provides information on terrorism and radicalization to violence research funded by the Community Resilience Fund and Kanishka Project.

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