Infrastructure and Border Security

June 13-15, 2014, Québec City, Québec

Participants: The Minister of Public Safety Canada, the Deputy Ministers of Public Safety Canada, and of Justice, as well as senior officials from Public Safety Canada, the Department of Justice, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Transport Canada, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, Ottawa Fire Services, Centre des opérations gouvernementales du Québec, and Ville de Québec participated in the dialogue with the members.

Discussion: The meeting's theme focused on infrastructure and border security – reducing risks for Canadians. Members were provided with an overview of the Government of Canada’s strategy with regards to infrastructure and border security. There were presentations on critical infrastructure resilience, aviation security in Canada, border security, cyber security partnerships, emergency disaster response and building resiliency, and communicating publicly with Canadians about terrorism. Other topics of discussion included the Citizenship Act, and outreach events on countering violent extremism.

Members agreed that as most disasters are local in nature and require timely action, governments are not always best placed to react immediately to disasters.  They invited the Government to raise public awareness and educate citizens on safety and emergency preparedness, and to call upon them to become partners in times of crisis. Moreover, members also suggested that the Government explores the best way to empower local communities to become more self-reliant.

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