Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security Meeting Summary - Changing Landscape of National Security

March 12-14, 2010, Edmonton, Alberta

Participants: The Minister of Public Safety Canada, senior government officials from Public Safety and its portfolio (CSIS, RCMP, and CBSA), Justice Canada, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, and a representative from the SecDev Group participated in the dialogue with the members.

Issues of Discussion: The fourteenth meeting of the Roundtable focused on the theme of the changing landscape of national security. Presentations were made on the information-sharing framework for national security agencies, the security certificate regime and, cyber-security. Members received an update on Canada-US relations, with a focus on recent developments related to aviation security. A factual presentation was given on decisions rendered for prosecution related to terrorism offenses. The members were also debriefed on Canada's response to the earthquake in Haiti and reconstruction efforts.

Outcomes: Members discussed the importance of better explaining and educating Canadians on the challenges related to national security and the tools it uses to address these challenges. Members provided advice to the Government of Canada on information-sharing and privacy concerns, on cyber-security and its potential dangers for Canadians, and on Canada's response to international terrorist events.

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