Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security Meeting Summary - Radicalization - International and Canadian Perspectives

March 14-16, 2008, Vancouver, British Columbia

Participants:The Minister of Public Safety and senior officials from the Department of Public Safety and two of its security agencies (RCMP and CSIS), Justice Canada and Canadian Heritage participated in the dialogue with Roundtable members.

Issues of Discussion: The ninth meeting of the Roundtable focused on various aspects of radicalization around the world, with presentations provided on radical movements in other countries, and on research efforts to better understand the Canadian context. Members were briefed on program and policy changes related to multiculturalism that better support ethno-cultural minority participation and inclusion. Updates were provided on amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Act, the newly-enacted legislation on security certificates, and the current status of the proposed U.S. Secure Flight initiative.

Outcomes: Members supported using evidence-based research initiatives on the causes of radicalization as an important tool for the Roundtable's work. The Roundtable also agreed on the importance for the Government to communicate strong, clear and concise messages about national security issues, and reiterated the necessity of providing Canadians with a realistic picture of Canada's national security threats.

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