Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security Meeting Summary - Hate Crime and Radicalization through the Internet

November 2-4, 2007, Ottawa, Ontario

Participants: The Minister of Justice and senior officials from the Department of Public Safety and two of its security agencies (RCMP and CSIS), Justice Canada, Statistics Canada and Canadian Heritage participated in the dialogue with Roundtable members.

Issues of Discussion: The eighth meeting of the Roundtable focused on the Government of Canada's policies, programs and measures to address hate crime as well as the proliferation of radicalized views through the use of the Internet. Roundtable members were presented with an overview of a community-based approach to counterterrorism. Updates were provided on the implementation of the recommendations from the O'Connor Report following the Maher Arar inquiry, the government's recently-tabled legislation on security certificates, and amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Outcomes: The Roundtable provided advice and recommendations on the Action Plan Against Racism and its role in combating hate crime and supported the Communities at Risk program as an important tool in addressing hate crime in Canada.  Members also considered the issue of youth radicalization via the Internet and gave feedback on how best to engage Canadians on national security issues.

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