Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security Meeting Summary - International Security and Implications: Protecting Canada and Canadians, and Promoting Dialogue

November 19-21, 2005, Ottawa, Ontario

Participants: The Minister of Public Safety, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, the Minister of State for Multiculturalism, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, and senior government officials from the Public Safety Portfolio (CSIS, RCMP, and CBSA), Justice, Canadian Heritage, Foreign Affairs, National Defence, Transport Canada, and the Privy Council Office participated in the dialogue with the members.

Issues of discussion: The meeting focused on understanding and discussing Canada's security programs in the context of global events, Canada's international commitments, and the development of effective strategies to address community relations in the event of a terrorist act in Canada.

Outcomes: Members brought issues to the attention of government officials, including the increasing vulnerability of youth with respect to recruitment for terrorism and the need to identify conditions that could lead to extremism. They also addressed positive integration of immigrant communities and promoting the role of citizens in national security, improving the government's communications strategy to enhance public awareness of national security issues, and the importance of strengthening community relations in the event of a terrorist attack.

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