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Gender (2)

‘Till Martyrdom Do Us Part’: Gender and the ISIS Phenomenon

The authors of this study set out to gain a better understanding of why females are being radicalized and recruited into the ranks of extremist organizations. The report works to move beyond the...

Theme(s): Ideological extremism and violence
Keyword(s): Extremism, Gender, Internet, Islamic Extremism, Radicalization, Social Media

Different Cities, Shared Stories: Voices from Europe and Canada on Gender and Violent Extremism and Women’s Roles in Countering It

This study aims to assess gender dynamics in violent extremism in communities across five countries, with a focus on the role of women, and explores both radicalization to violence, and attitudes...

Theme(s): Collective dynamics and resilience, Perception and emotion
Keyword(s): Community Outreach, Diaspora, Extremism, Field Interviews, Gender, Islamic Extremism, Social Cohesion
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