Research Catalogue

The Research Catalogue is a searchable resource of summaries capturing key details about initiatives funded by the Kanishka Project, partner initiatives and will soon include outcomes from projects funded under the Community Resilience Fund. The intent is to provide access for a wide range of audiences from officials and researchers, to community organizations, the private sector and the general public.

In most cases links to full reports or other resources such as web portals are provided, or at minimum details on how to access further information are included.

The Research Catalogue is organized under the four research themes of the initiative, though searches can be grouped by keywords or other terms:

Besides serving as a core repository of information about Public Safety-funded studies, the Catalogue is also intended as a means to shape future work. Researchers can quickly survey a range of work on aspects of terrorism and counter-terrorism for the Canadian context, towards identifying complementary studies and new partners. As well, organizations interested to learn more about the state of knowledge can similarly use the Catalog as a starting point in gathering knowledge as well as direction for deeper consideration of the questions considered.

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