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CBRN (2)

Analysis of the Risk Regulation Regime in Canada for Controlling Major Incidents Involving Dangerous Chemicals

This report is one of three from a study to examine how owners and operators of critical infrastructure understand and manage terrorist threats, and what lessons can be drawn. The approach pays...

Theme(s): Organization and effectiveness
Keyword(s): CBRN, Chemical, Critical Infrastructure, Field Interviews

CBRN Terrorism: Assessing the Threat of CBRN Terrorism by Groups and Individuals in Canada and Worldwide

This study begins by noting that chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) terror incidents, while rare, are on the rise. The authors state that prior to 1980 there were just 50 CBRN...

Theme(s): Collective dynamics and resilience, Organization and effectiveness
Keyword(s): CBRN, Extremism, Terrorism, Violence
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