Counter-terrorism News Releases

  • Government of Canada provides funding for intervention programs to prevent violent extremism in BC
    November 13, 2018
  • Federal support for study to combat online hate speech and radicalization
    September 21, 2018
  • Federal funding for Toronto Police to expand counter radicalization to violence initiative
    September 6, 2018
  • Federal funding for research project to counter radicalization to violence
    July 24, 2018
  • Government of Canada lists the Islamic State – Khorasan Province as a terrorist entity
    May 30, 2018
  • Canadians are invited to share their views on countering radicalization to violence
    April 5, 2018
  • Federal support for Ryerson University study to counter radicalization to violence
    February 20, 2018
  • $4 million to Alberta organizations to address radicalization to violence
    January 19, 2018
  • Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada provides overview of current landscape: Terrorism Threat Level unchanged
    December 21, 2017
  • Minister Goodale met with G7 partners to determine ways to more effectively combat terrorism
    October 20, 2017
  • Statement from the Minister of Public Safety on the Tabling of the Annual SIRC Report
    October 5, 2017
  • Statement from Minister Goodale on his visit to Israel and the West Bank
    August 4, 2017
  • Statement from Canada's Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on the attack in London
    March 22, 2017
  • Government of Canada lists Al Qaida in the Indian Subcontinent and the Indian Mujahideen as terrorist entities
    December 28, 2016
  • Report on terrorist threat to Canada released
    August 25, 2016
  • Statement from Minister Goodale – Keeping Canadians and their Values Safe and Secure
    August 14, 2016
  • Statement from Minister Goodale Following National Security Threat
    August 10, 2016
  • Statement From CSIS Director Following Senate Committee Appearance
    March 7, 2016
  • Minister Goodale concludes successful visit to UK and France
    January 13, 2016
  • Statement from Canada's Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on the terrorist attack in Paris
    November 14, 2015
  • Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada following the swearing-in of the 29th Ministry
    November 4, 2015
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