Nomination Forms

As per the nomination process, a nominator and nominee form need to be completed and submitted for each nomination for the Search and Rescue categories, and for all federal and provincial/territorial nominations in other award categories. The fillable PDF is the preferred format.

Note that for group nominations, a separate nominee form must be completed and signed by each group member. Group nominations are limited to a maximum of 20 members per group.

Nomination package must also include:

Federal nominations must be submitted by July 1, 2022 by email to, or by mail to:

Public Safety Canada
Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award
269 Laurier Avenue West, Room 17B-39
Ottawa ON K1A 0P8 Canada

Please note that these addresses are only for Search and Rescue nominations (federal level, and all provinces/territories), and federal nominations.

Nominations sent to these addresses may be considered in a different category, as appropriate.

Additionally, if it is determined by the EMESA administrators that the scope of the nominee's achievements relates more to a different jurisdiction (e.g. provincial/territorial instead of federal), the nominator will be informed, so he/she can send the nomination to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Provincial/Territorial nominations must be submitted to your respective province or territory using the provincial/territorial nomination form.

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