Canada's National Disaster Mitigation Strategy

The Government of Canada, together with provincial and territorial governments, launched Canada's National Disaster Mitigation Strategy on January 9, 2008.

This Strategy is based on the recognition by federal, provincial, and territorial governments that mitigation is an important part of a robust emergency management framework, and that all stakeholders are committed to working together to support disaster mitigation in Canada.

Canada's National Disaster Mitigation Strategy

Background information

Public Safety Canada engaged in national consultations with public and private-sector stakeholders. The consultations were intended to obtain views on the scope, policies and mechanisms for coordinating and implementing disaster mitigation activities in Canada.

As a starting point for dialogue, a discussion paper provided a concept of disaster mitigation and a rationale for developing a mitigation strategy. The discussion questions were used to stimulate ideas and dialogue.

Please note that some of the following documents were published before Public Safety Canada (PS) was created in 2003. Thus they reflect the old departmental name, Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness (OCIPEP).

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