Search and Rescue Policies and Programs

Canada has one of the world's largest and most difficult areas for search and rescue (SAR), conducted over varied and often austere terrain, in extreme weather and in areas with low population density.

The SAR system draws on the resources and expertise of partners at all levels of government, Indigenous communities, volunteers and the private sector to respond to people who are lost, missing or in distress.

Public Safety's work is an important part the Government's fundamental responsibility for the safety and security of its citizens.

Contribution Programs

Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund; SARscene: Canada's National SAR conference


AdventureSmart; Dementia; Series: Dementia is a SAR matter

International Search and Rescue Satellite System

International COSPAS-SARSAT Programme; how it works; Federal partners; International agreement

Urban Search and Rescue

Urban Search and Rescue – Classification Guide; Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Funding Program

Search and Rescue Volunteers

Partnerships; Search and Rescue Volunteer Association Contribution Program

Search and Rescue Committees

Public Safety’s National Search and Rescue Secretariat coordinates and participates in multiple committees that enhance the delivery of SAR in Canada.

Related Programs

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