Task Force on Flood Insurance and Relocation


Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity. In light of the growing threat to the safety of Canadians due to climate change and continued urbanization in high-risk flood areas, the Government of Canada is moving forward with a number of measures to help Canadians reduce their financial and physical vulnerability to flooding.

Among these measures, the Prime Minister instructed the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development to create a new, low-cost national flood insurance program to protect homeowners at high risk of flooding and without adequate insurance protection. As well, the Prime Minister asked that they develop a national action plan to assist homeowners with potential relocation for those at the highest risk of repeat flooding.

These undertakings are complex, and require a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach involving federal, provincial and territorial government officials, the insurance industry and stakeholders and partners impacted or concerned by Canada’s growing vulnerability to flooding.

Mandate of the Task Force on Flood Insurance and Relocation

The Task Force will examine options for low-cost residential flood insurance to residents of high risk areas. It will also consider options for potential relocation for residents of areas at the highest risk of recurrent flooding.

At the same time, Indigenous Services Canada will work with First Nations partners on a dedicated Steering Committee on First Nations Home Flood Insurance Needs to examine the unique context on reserves. The Government of Canada is also committed to ensuring that broad Indigenous perspectives are included in flood risk management in Canada. The Task Force and Steering Committee will share information with one another, and work closely together to engage with various partners, including with First Nations off-reserve, Inuit, and Métis communities and organizations.

The results of the work of the Task Force will be presented in a public-facing, statement-of-fact report to be delivered to the Deputy Minister of Public Safety and President of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.


The Task Force will bring together experts from federal departments and agencies, provincial and territorial ministries, as well as representatives of the insurance industry, including the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Public Safety Canada will lead the Task Force and provide secretariat services throughout the mandate of the Task Force.


The Task Force is expected to commence its work by January 2021 and submit its final report by Spring 2022.

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