Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security Meeting Summary - Financing of Terrorism and Organized Crime

February 13-15, 2009, Ottawa, Ontario

Participants: The Minister of Public Safety and senior government officials from the Public Safety and its portfolio (CSIS, RCMP, and CBSA), Justice, Citizenship and Immigration, Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) participated in the dialogue with the members.

Issues of Discussion: The eleventh meeting of the Roundtable focused on financing of terrorism and organized crime. Discussions were held on various acts, legislation, enforcement frameworks, and policies and procedures related to the financing of terrorism and organized crime through presentations delivered by CSIS, FINTRAC, CISC, CRA and Public Safety. Also discussed were the Secure Flight Final Rule of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, published in October 2008. Members reviewed the results from the evaluation of the CCRS and the work undertaken to move forward with the outreach plan.

Outcomes: Members agreed that organized crime is a real threat to national security and to safe and secure communities and has widespread impact of the lives of all Canadians. Members discussed the difficulty for the average citizen of knowing if their contribution to a charitable organization is used to finance terrorism. They also discussed the effectiveness of the list of terrorist entities as a deterrent to terrorist activities, the issues related to sharing information on financing of terrorism and organized crime, and the collaboration between border enforcement teams for Canada and the U.S. to curb terrorism and organized crime activities. Members agreed with the evaluation findings for the Roundtable that underlined the importance of the Roundtable's contribution to a more safe and secure Canada.

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