Disaster Assistance Programs - List of all federal programs

Animal Disease Surveillance

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Data and information for the agricultural sector and scientific community from the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance Network to help trace sources of livestock disease outbreaks and to provide updates on surveillance of identified high-risk diseases.


Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

AgriRecovery is a disaster relief framework which provides a coordinated process for federal, provincial and territorial governments to respond rapidly when disasters strike, filling gaps not covered by existing programs.


Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

AgriStability provides support when a producer experiences larger farm income losses. The program covers declines of more than 15% in a

Canada Small Business Financing Program

Industry Canada

Loan guarantee program to secure small business loans against inadvertent non compliance with payment terms a range of reasons, including disasters. Assets guaranteed include real property improvements, leasehold improvements or the purchase of equipment.

Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

The Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPR) is Canada's central coordinating point for public health security issues. Among its many responsibilities, CEPR: develops and maintains national emergency response plans for the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada; monitors outbreaks and global disease events; assesses public health risks during emergencies; contributes to keeping Canada's health and emergency policies in line with threats to public health security and general security for Canadians in collaboration with other federal and international health and security agencies.  The Office of Emergency Response Services (OERS) is responsible for supporting emergency health and social services in the provinces, territories or abroad. It manages the National Emergency Stockpile System (NESS), which includes medical, pharmaceutical and related emergency supplies. The Office is responsible for the federal response to emergencies that have health repercussions; this includes the deployment of health emergency response teams.

Compensation Program for Destroyed Animals

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Awards compensation to the owners of animals that are ordered destroyed by the federal government in order to control the spread of animal disease. Amounts are based on market values, subject to the maximum levels set out in the Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations.

Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

Canadian Forces

The DART is a task of the Canadian Forces to quickly mount a humanitarian assistance team in the exceptional circumstance that the Government of Canada requires a military contribution in responding to a natural or human-made disaster. The DART focuses on fulfilling the four critical needs in emergency situations, namely: primary medical care; production of purified drinking water; limited engineering capability, etc.

Employment Insurance Work Sharing Program

Service Canada

Measures to help employers avert temporary lay-offs by providing income support to workers who are willing to work a temporary reduced work-week when there is a reduction in business activity beyond the control of the employer. The program includes special criteria to allowing easier access to the Work Sharing Program for business affected by major disasters or public threats

Environmental Damages Fund (EDF)

Environment Canada

Provides financial awards to community groups, academic organizations and local governments to support projects aimed at remediation or restoration of the environment and natural resources. The trust fund serves as a mechanism for redistributing funds received by polluters through voluntary or liability payments.

Food and Emergency Response System

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Provides information and guides for the food production industry on responding to food recalls that pose a serious health risk and may provide support with undertaking risk management actions and response.

Health Emergency Response Services

Public Health Agency of Canada

Provides a series of free guides on what communities and local authorities can do during and following a major disaster on subjects such as Emergency Lodging, Food for Emergencies, and Victim Registration and Enquiry Service.

Homeowner Emergency Tips

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Helpful guides and checklists for homeowners on what can be done during after and power outages and floods to reduce the impact on their homes and families.

Housing Emergency Repair Program / Homeowner Residential Rehabilitation Program

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Ongoing programs that may be used to assist disaster recovery by low-income households by providing financial contributions or forgivable loans for making urgent repairs to unsafe dwellings or substandard property.

Life Events Guides

Canada Revenue Agency

Guides and forms for employers on measures that can be taken and business tax implications in responding to major events affecting their employees including illness, injury and "special payments", such as wage-loss replacement.

Loan Assistance

Farm Credit Canada

Flexible payment arrangements and government-backed loan guarantees may be available to agricultural producers to support recovery from disasters.

National Emergency Stockpile System

Public Health Agency of Canada

Provides emergency supplies for use during a major disaster or national emergency which can be set up in existing buildings or temporary shelters. The system consists of a central depot in Ottawa and regional warehouses located across Canada which contain hospital supplies, such as pharmaceutical drugs, folding beds, blankets, generators, mini medical clinics, mobile quarantine units and water decontamination facilities.

Psycho-social Emergency Preparedness and Response Program

Health Canada

Guides and other information resources for Public Service managers and supervisors for helping employees who experience a traumatic workplace event, including a public disaster or emergency.

Shelter Enhancement Program

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Ongoing program that provides capital contributions for repair, rehabilitation or improvement to homelessness shelters or building new shelters. Following a major disaster that results in increased demand for emergency accommodation, funding can be directed towards increasing shelter capacity.

Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund

Administrator of the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund

The Fund may be liable to pay claims by any person who has incurred costs or clean-up expenses due to damages to property caused by an oil spill from a ship, as well as compensation to workers in the Canadian fishing industry for loss of income.

Taxpayer Relief Provisions

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Taxpayer relief provisions give the CRA common-sense ways to help taxpayers who, because of extraordinary circumstances, are unable to meet their tax obligations.

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