Canada's Platform - General Membership

The General Membership is open to participation by any individual, organization, company, government or other entity interested in contributing to disaster resilience. General Members are encouraged to engage in the work of Canada's Platform through existing sectoral fora, such as Critical Infrastructure Sector Networks and Domestic Group on Emergency Management. There is no maximum number of General Membership spaces; and there is no cost associated with General Membership.

Benefits of Membership

General Membership in Canada's Platform brings with it a number of benefits, including:

General Membership comes with the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities through Canada's Platform, including:

Members are encouraged to express their specific interests or proposed activities to the Platform's Secretariat, in order to increase the value and relevance of the Platform activities to all disaster risk reduction sectors.

How to Become a Member

If interested in becoming a member, please contact Canada's Platform Secretariat:
Phone: 613-991-9748

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