Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure refers to processes, systems, facilities, technologies, networks, assets and services essential to the health, safety, security or economic well-being of Canadians and the effective functioning of government. Critical infrastructure can be stand-alone or interconnected and interdependent within and across provinces, territories and national borders. Disruptions of critical infrastructure could result in catastrophic loss of life, adverse economic effects and significant harm to public confidence.

The National Strategy and Action Plan for Critical Infrastructure establishes a risk-based approach for strengthening the resiliency of Canada's vital assets and systems such as our food supply, electricity grids, transportation, communications and public safety systems.

Regional Resilience Assessment Program

The Regional Resilience Assessment Program features site assessments to help organizations measure and improve their resilience to all hazards in Canada, such as cyber threats, accidental or intentional man-made events, and natural catastrophes.

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Resiliency

Enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure can be achieved through the appropriate combination of security measures to address intentional and accidental incidents; business continuity practices to deal with disruptions and ensure the continuation of essential services; and emergency management planning to ensure adequate response procedures are in place to deal with unforeseen disruptions and natural disasters.

Critical Infrastructure Partners

In light of the interconnected nature of Canada's critical infrastructure, partnerships are required among government and critical infrastructure stakeholders, including owners and operators, law enforcement and the research and development community. Building on this approach, Public Safety Canada works with its partners to manage risks, reduce vulnerabilities and strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure across the ten sectors:

Canada-United States Cooperation

The movement of people and goods between Canada and the United States, together with the organizations and processes that facilitate this border traffic, collectively represent an integral part of our cross-border critical infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure Resources

Public Safety Canada has compiled a collection of pertinent legislation, guidance material, and other resources for the use of critical infrastructure partners and stakeholders.

Resilience to Insider Risk

Critical infrastructure organizations can improve resilience by taking action to address insider risk.

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