The Regional Resilience Assessment Program

The Regional Resilience Assessment Program (RRAP) is a comprehensive risk assessment program for owners and operators of Canadian Critical Infrastructure (CI). This program features site assessments to help organizations measure and improve their resilience to all hazards in Canada, such as cyber threats, accidental or intentional man-made events, and natural catastrophes. These site assessments are voluntary, non-regulatory, free-of-charge and confidential.

How it works

To enhance critical infrastructure resilience, the RRAP uses three main tools:

The program may include workshops, meetings, geospatial products and subject matter expert interviews.  

How it helps your organization

The results from the RRAP’s assessments are intended to help owners and operators to identify dependencies and vulnerabilities within their organization. The site assessments also identify a series of optional cost effective measures to help owners and operators mitigate risks and improve their ability to respond to and recover from disruptions.

Specifically, the RRAP provides:

Other key considerations for critical infrastructure owners and operators:

For more information or to request an assessment

To request more information or an assessment of your facility, please contact us at

The complete assessment, using all three tools, typically takes three days. However, organizations may choose to use one or more of the assessment tools. Post-assessment check-ups are conducted at predetermined intervals with the organization up to 24 months after the assessment.

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