Critical Infrastructure Exercises

We conduct, or coordinate participation in, national and international exercises to strengthen readiness and response efforts to potentially disruptive physical and cyber-based events. Our services include:

Our current exercises:

Cy-Phy Exercise Program

The two-year Cyber-Physical (Cy-Phy) Exercise Program is intended to guide, test and assess how cyber events can impact the physical security of critical infrastructure and vice-versa.

If you're a critical infrastructure owner or operator, contact us to learn more about our exercise program.

CI Talks: Critical Infrastructure Exercises


Hello and welcome to Critical Infrastructure Talks ! You are probably wondering who we are and what we do in the CI world.

What comes to mind when thinking about exercises? Sports, practices and training. You're not far off! Our CI Exercises Team works to further integrate partners in emergency management activities and leveraging or creating opportunities to foster partnerships between CI stakeholders and emergency management communities. We support taking a whole-of-society approach to preparing for, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from disruptive intentional or natural disaster emergencies.

Let's dive in to what we do! Our team plans and coordinates participation of partners in national and international exercises. We facilitate the integration of industry owners and operators by building trusted and sustainable partnerships among CI community partners, advancing the timely sharing and protection of information and fostering an all-hazards risk management practice. To rephrase, we make sure that our partners are informed and have the appropriate resources to achieve their goals on game day.

You might be asking yourself, how do we practice and train with CI stakeholders? We communicate the needs and interests of our stakeholders and advance CI-related objectives in the design and development of exercises, from discussion-based to full scale activities. Brokering these relationships informs that the role of the critical infrastructure partners is crucial and brings realism to the scenarios and activities planned.

Further, we produce the National CI Exercise Calendar to raise awareness of planned exercises, physical and cyber alike. Details on the exercise type, objectives, leads and playing organizations allows our partners to determine if participation in any given exercise is a right fit for them. You can find this calendar published on the CI Gateway.

We strive to continuously expand our services to the CI community by developing new products and tools, improving our information sharing mechanisms, and adapting our approach to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Let's review. The CI Exercises Team collaborates with partners to design and develop exercises and invites our stakeholders to their "worst day ever" in a simulated setting allowing them to practice their response actions when faced with an emergency. This work further integrates CI stakeholders in event response activities and strengthens partnerships among them and emergency management communities to enhance CI resilience.

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