Cy-Phy Exercise Program

The Cyber-Physical (Cy-Phy) Exercise Program examines the interconnectedness between the cyber and physical worlds through cyber and physical security-related exercises. These exercises are both discussion-based and operational and are designed to test incident response capabilities among critical infrastructure (CI) stakeholders. Each exercise is meant to help identify best practices and lessons learned, which will ultimately assist in informing and guiding future planning, improving response capabilities, and enhancing CI resiliency.

The Cy-Phy Exercise Program includes a series of supporting exercises that will cumulate in a large-scale functional capstone exercise in October 2023. Participants have various opportunities to participate, ranging from guided discussions and awareness sessions to technical “hands-on keyboard” workshops.

The objectives of the Cy-Phy Exercise Program are to:

The Cy-Phy Exercise Program targets stakeholders from Canada's 10 Critical Infrastructure sectors. These may include stakeholders from public and private sectors, and across various levels of government, such as:

Upcoming meetings

Final Planning Meeting

The Cy-Phy 23 Final Planning Meeting (FPM) is the final forum for reviewing exercise processes and procedures. The objective of the FPM is to fine tune the design and scope of the exercise, and finalize supporting documentation. The FPM will ensure that all elements of the exercise are ready for the final capstone event in October 2023.

The meeting will be offered in two virtual sessions to accommodate participants from various time zones. Participants are only required to attend one of the two meetings:

Invitations for the meetings will be sent to Exercise Design Team (EDT) members in early August 2023.

Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) Synchronization meeting

The Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) Synchronization consists of a thorough review and edit of the event scenario timeline for the exercise. The MSEL enhances the exercise scenario with event synopses, objectives and capabilities that need to be addressed during the exercise and much more. Following the FPM, all EDT members are required to attend the MSEL Synchronization meeting:

Training for controllers, evaluators and players

Training sessions will be offered for controllers, evaluators and players leading up to the October 2023 capstone event. This training will be mandatory for organizations participating in the exercise

Detailed invitations will follow to participating organizations.

Cy-Phy 23 Capstone Exercise

The Cy-Phy 23 Capstone Exercise is a national, multi-day, functional exercise and is the culmination of the two-year Cy-Phy Exercise Program. This will include the Master Event Control Cell at Public Safety Canada in Ottawa as well as virtual participation from CI organizations from across the country.

Exercise days:

Please contact us for more information or any questions about the Cy-Phy 23 Exercise Program or any related activities.

Starter kit

The Cy-Phy Exercise starter kit was created to provide CI owners and operators with a set of templates to design and deliver self-facilitated tabletop exercises.

The starter kit is meant for practitioners who have a basic knowledge of exercise design or training experience, and will allow your organization to:

  Receive your Cy-Phy Exercise starter kit

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