Cy-Phy Exercise Program

The Cyber-Physical (Cy-Phy) Exercise Program examined the interconnectedness between the cyber and physical worlds through security-related exercises. These activities were designed to test incident response capabilities among critical infrastructure (CI) stakeholders, using both discussion-based and operational initiatives. Each exercise was meant to help identify best practices and lessons learned, which will assist in informing and guiding future planning, improving response capabilities, and enhancing CI resiliency.

The Cy-Phy Exercise Program included a series of supporting exercises, culminating in a large-scale, functional capstone exercise over three days in October 2023. Participants had various opportunities to participate, ranging from guided discussions and awareness sessions to technical hands-on keyboard workshops.

The objectives of the Cy-Phy Exercise Program were:

The Cy-Phy Exercise Program involved stakeholders from Canada's 10 Critical Infrastructure sectors. These include the public and private sectors, such as:

The Cy-Phy 23 Exercise Program successfully concluded on October 26, 2023. Over 138 public and private organizations took part in the exercise from multiple locations across Canada. An after-action report is currently being drafted and will be made available to stakeholders in Winter 2024.

Starter kit

The Exercise starter kit was created to provide CI owners and operators with a set of templates to design and deliver self-facilitated tabletop exercises.

The starter kit is meant for practitioners who have a basic knowledge of exercise design or training experience, and allowed organizations to:

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