How the Passenger Protect Program Works

The Passenger Protect Program (PPP) prevents people who could be a threat to national security from boarding a plane. The Program currently works with air carriers to screen passengers travelling to, from and within Canada.

Security Screening

Secure Air Travel Act (SATA) List

The Secure Air Travel Act list (sometimes called Canada’s “No Fly List”) has names of people who the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness has reasonable grounds to suspect they will:

This list is managed by Public Safety Canada and Transport Canada in cooperation with several federal departments and agencies. An official delegated by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness reviews this list every 90 days.

Security Screening Process

Through Transport Canada, Public Safety Canada shares the SATA list with air carriers operating flights to, from and within Canada. Air carriers screen passengers before they receive a boarding pass. At the same time, the air carriers also screen passengers against other security lists including their own or those belonging to other countries.

Improving the Passenger Protect Program

Learn more about how we are making improvements to the security screening process.

If You Are Experiencing Airport Delays

Delays Related to the SATA List

Security screening delays can happen if a passenger’s name is the same, or similar, as a name on the SATA list. In this situation, the passenger would not be able to check-in online or at the self-service kiosk at the airport. The passenger would be told to go to the air carrier’s airport counter and asked to show identification. At that point, the air carrier will be able to call Transport Canada to determine whether the passenger is the same as the one on the list.

Delays Related to Other Issues

There are many reasons why someone may experience air travel delays that are not related to the SATA list. It is possible to have delays from security lists from air carriers and other countries, or issues related to entry requirements (customs and immigration) at the place of destination.

If You Are Having Travel Delays Related to Security Screening

If you believe your travel delays are related to the Secure Air Travel Act (SATA) list, visit the Passenger Protect Inquiries Office to learn more about what support they can provide.

Documents Needed for Air Travel

Bringing the proper identification to the airport will help with an efficient identity screening and check-in process.

Relevant Laws and Regulations

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