Canadian Travel Number (CTN)

The Canadian Travel Number application relies on a network of systems. A high volume in any system may interrupt your application process. Your data is safe and has been stored for you to resume the process from where you left off.

There are many reasons why you could face delays or issues when travelling by plane. If you’re not sure why you were delayed or denied boarding at the airport on a recent trip, the first step is to call your air carrier. They may have more information on why you were delayed.

A CTN prevents delays at the airport only for travelers who have a similar name as someone on the Secure Air Travel Act (SATA) list (sometimes called Canada’s “No Fly List”).

It is important to note that a CTN will not help with any other type of travel delay, including but not limited to: issues related to specific immigration or admissibility-related matters; expired; incomplete or inaccurate travel documents; amendments to travel records; and/or, any biometric record issues.

A CTN is not mandatory for travel, and is used only as an additional piece of information to help prevent SATA-related delays when traveling by air to, from, and/or within Canada.

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