If You Have Been Denied Boarding Under the Passenger Protect Program (PPP)

The Passenger Protect Recourse Office (PPRO) processes requests for recourse submitted by those individuals who have been denied boarding under the PPP.

Everyone who is denied boarding because of the PPP receives a written notification from the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness notifying them about their rights to request recourse for their denial. Only those who receive this letter can submit a request—within 60 days of being denied boarding—to remove their name from the Secure Air Travel Act (SATA) list.

If you were denied boarding but did not receive a letter from the Minister, it is possible that you were prevented from flying because of reasons that are not related to Canada’s SATA list.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your eligibility for recourse, please contact the PPRO.

If you have received a written notification

The PPRO will provide you with a summary to allow you to be reasonably informed of the information that will be placed before the Minister (or his delegate) in rendering a decision as to whether your name should remain on the list, taking into consideration the obligation to protect sensitive information. You will have the opportunity to submit additional information in support of your application.

The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness will determine whether a person should remain on the list. The Minister must give you notice without delay of any decision made in respect of your application. Your name will be removed from the SATA list if a decision on your recourse application is not rendered by the Minister within 120 days. The Minister may extend the set decision period if he/she notifies the applicant of the extension within the first 120 day period.

If you have not been denied boarding but think you are having travel delays related to security screening

If you believe your travel delays are related to the SATA list, visit the Passenger Protect Inquiries Office to learn more about what support they can provide.

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