Responding to Emergency Events

In Canada, emergencies are managed first at the local level: hospitals, fire departments, police and municipalities. If they need assistance at the local level, they request it from the provinces or territories. If the emergency escalates beyond their capabilities, the provinces or territories seek assistance from the federal government.

Learn more about Public Safety's emergency response programs and strategies:

Government Operations Centre
Housed at PS, the Centre monitors emerging threats and can provide around-the-clock coordination and support in the event of a national emergency.
Search and Rescue Policies and Programs
Search and Rescue draws on the resources and expertise of partners at all levels of government, Indigenous communities, volunteers and the private sector to respond to people who are lost, missing or in distress.
Supporting a Humanitarian Workforce to Respond to COVID-19 and Other Large-Scale Emergencies
This program supports non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide surge capacity to respond to large-scale emergencies. Funding from this program helps eligible organizations build capacity and deploy resources to respond to emergencies including the COVID-19 pandemic or other large-scale emergencies such as wildfires and floods.

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