How to Make a Complaint under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights

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The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights provides statutory rights for victims of crime to information, participation, protection and restitution for the first time at the federal level. It also provides victims with a method to complain and seek a remedy when they feel that those rights have been infringed or denied.

Under the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights, every federal government department or agency with responsibilities under the legislation must have an internal complaints mechanism in place to review complaints from victims of crime. These internal complaints mechanisms must also have the ability to make recommendations to remedy any infringements or denial of a victim's right. Finally, the new law states that the federal department or agency must notify victims of the recommendations and remedies that were decided upon.

The National Office for Victims at Public Safety Canada has a responsibility to provide general information to victims of crime about the criminal justice system, as well as to make direct referrals to the Correctional Service of Canada and the Parole Board of Canada for victims of federal offenders who would like to register to receive specific information about the offender who harmed them.  If you feel as though the National Office for Victims did not provide you with this information or referral, you may submit a complaint for review.

How to submit your complaint

If you wish to submit a complaint with the National Office for Victims (NOV), please download and complete the Victim Complaint Form (PDF 371 KB) and submit it to NOV. For any additional enquires please call us at 1-866-525-0554

You can submit your complaint to the National Office for Victims in a number of ways:

To allow us to fully address your complaint, please provide:

What to expect

The National Office for Victims at Public Safety Canada takes all complaints very seriously and will respond directly to your concerns. You can expect an acknowledgment of receipt from us within two business days, and a more fulsome response soon after. If we need any additional information from you in order to review your complaint, we will contact you as soon as possible. If we are unable to respond to your complaint in a reasonable amount of time, we will advise you in writing.

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Canadian Victims Bill of Rights - Victim Complaint Resolution Mechanisms

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