Aboriginal Community Safety Development Contribution Program

Why this is important

Factors such as intergenerational cycles of abuse and violence that are community-wide and linked to historic trauma, such as residential schools, have resulted in situations where victims are sometimes actively discouraged from speaking out, particularly in smaller and more remote communities, where police may be some distance away. The premise of this initiative is that many Aboriginal women find themselves in marginalised situations, without support networks, as a result of difficult circumstances at home. In some communities, violence has become normalized, creating a sense of hopelessness that often seems inescapable.

Aboriginal women leave their communities for various reasons – some to escape an abusive relationship, others leave seeking better opportunities, such as education or employment. Once they arrive in urban centres it is easy to become lost, particularly if you don't have the education or skills to obtain employment, or a support network to rely on.

The rationale for Public Safety's approach under this initiative is that by reducing the likelihood of Aboriginal women being marginalized, we will reduce the number of Aboriginal women going missing or being murdered. 

How we do it

By playing a leadership role, through transfer payments, the community safety planning approach is structured to link community solutions with policy development. The starting points are appropriate community-based projects taking into account the safety needs of Aboriginal women and girls. The end points are increased knowledge within communities and government as well as effective and appropriate government policies.

The funding is focused on developing community capacity (i.e., both training and information/knowledge development and dissemination) and supporting community based projects designed to support strategic responses to community safety.

The goal is to support communities in the development of efficient, integrated approaches that can maximize government investments. This will be accomplished by supporting three broad activities:

Terms and Conditions - Aboriginal Community Safety Development Contribution Program (ACSDCP)

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