The Aboriginal Community Safety Planning Initiative

The Aboriginal Community Safety Planning Initiative
January 6, 2021


The Aboriginal Community Safety Planning Initiative supports Indigenous communities to identify

risks to community safety and develop their own Community Safety Plan, or what we

refer to as a CSP, to address those risks.

What makes this process different and effective, is that it is led by the community

with guidance and support from Public Safety Canada officials.

Aboriginal community safety planning is grounded in the understanding

that healing is an integral part of the journey.

The community-driven approach of CSPs ensures that the resulting safety plan addresses the

priorities identified by the community that are specific to their particular circumstances.

During the development of CSPs, the community also identifies their own strengths, assets,

and safety and wellness goals,

so that community members can prepare for their role

in the journey toward a healthier and safer home and community life.

Community Safety Planning is not just writing a plan, rather, it is a long-term process

that starts by looking at where the community has been and reflecting on historical impacts.

It involves the community coming together to plan how to heal by sharing values and

taking responsibility to set and achieve goals that will make the community a healthier,

safer place to live and raise families.

This long-term work is planned, developed and implemented by community members,

which is why community leadership needs to understand and fully support the process.

Throughout the entire process, communities will have support from a Public Safety Canada

liaison and a workshop facilitator.

The facilitator is specially trained and paid for by Public Safety Canada, to lead the workshops

and, in the time between the workshops, the facilitator will also guide the core group

through the important tasks that the group will have to take care of on their own.

Once the CSP is developed, everyone should have a good understanding of the community's

priority challenges and the assets that can respond to these challenges.

With the completed CSP, the Core Group should feel better equipped to talk with partners

about solutions and Public Safety Canada can help, by bringing the plan to the attention

of other government departments.

Embarking on this journey may be an important step for communities as they plan for now

and for future generations.

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