Independent Centre for Harassment Resolution (ICHR)

Date: April 28, 2021

Classification: Unclassified

Fully releasable (ATIP)? Yes

Branch/Agency: RCMP 


The RCMP is improving the work culture, and contributing towards a more respectful, inclusive, and diverse workplace.  

Proposed Response:


The Independent Centre for Harassment Resolution (ICHR) is responsible for implementing the full harassment resolution process, including intake of complaints, case analysis and resolution, referrals to the Informal Conflict Management Program and contracting of external investigators in cases that are not resolved informally, as well as providing assistance to decision makers in the process. 

The ICHR will be a centralized unit within the RCMP, with resources who are outside the employee’s usual chain of command and independent of the environment where the harassment occurrence originated. The ICHR will report through the civilian ICHR Executive Director to the Chief Administrative Officer of the RCMP.

This independence will help to promote employee trust and address any fear of bias or retaliation.  Increased effort will be placed on prevention initiatives and early informal resolution of complaints. 

To address recommendations in the Bastarache report, the ICHR will contract investigators that are external to the organization.

The ICHR will also allow the RCMP to effectively implement the changes brought about by the Canada Labour Code Work Place Violence and Harassment Prevention Regulations, which came into effect on January 1, 2021.

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