Canada-China Relations Committee: Hot Issues Notes - February 25, 2021

Opening Remarks and Overview

  1. Overview Note (PACB)
  2. Opening Remarks (PACB)
  3. CACN Committee Membership (PACB)
  4. CACN Backgrounder (PACB)

National Security Issues

  1. Safeguarding Research (NCSB)
  2. 5G (NCSB)
  3. Economic Security (NCSB)
  4. Foreign Interference and Hostile Activities of State Actors (HASA) (NCSB)
  5. Combatting Money Laundering (NCSB)
  6. Prohibition on Goods Produced by Forced Labour (CBSA)
  7. Border Security Contracts (Nuctech) (CBSA)
  8. Sensitive Procurement (CSIS)
  9. Intelligence and Evidence (NCSB with CSIS)
  10. [Redacted] (GAC)
  11. VFS Global Issue (IRCC)
  12. Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games (PCH)
  13. Chinese State on Campus in Canada (NCSB)
  14. Cyber Security During COVID-19 (NCSB)
  15. CanSino (CSIS)
  16. Foreign Agent Registry (NCSB)

Border Issues

  1. Restrictions for Individuals Travelling to Canada from the United States (All modes) (CBSA)
  2. Prohibition of Entry for Individuals Travelling to Canada by Air and Marine (Other than from the U.S.) (CBSA)
  3. Travellers' Isolation and Quarantine Obligations (CBSA)

Law Enforcement

  1. Opioids/Illicit Narcotics (CSCCB with CBSA)
  2. Removal of foreign national offenders (CBSA)
  3. Wanzhou Meng Case (CBSA)

Supplementary material

  1. Response to the December 18, 2020 motion on Foreign Interference
  2. CSIS Director Remarks – Centre for International Governance Innovation
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