VFS Global Issue

Question Period Note

Date: Jan. 28, 2021

Department: IRCC

Proposed Response:

If pressed on China law:

If pressed on the breach:


Visa Application Centres

Visa application centres are private companies that have formal contracts with the Government of Canada. They:

Clients may go to a visa application centre that isn’t in their country of residence, and can either call, email, or visit the centre in person.

All visa application centres also:

Some centres:

IRCC migration offices are located in Canadian embassies, high commissions and consulates. They process applications for:

They also conduct interviews when needed.

Migration offices also engage in migration diplomacy: building and managing relationships in the international sphere to advance and protect Canada’s migration-related objectives and to advocate for Canada’s position on issues of strategic importance.


Pemi Gill, Director General, IN

Approved by: Daniel Mills, Assistant Deputy Minister, OPS

Date modified: