Ministerial Appearance before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU)

Systemic Racism in Policing in Canada


Remarks and General Information

  1. Scenario note
  2. Opening Remarks
  3. Information about the First Nations Policing Program:
  4. CRCC Plan and priorities
  5. Police Interventions – Statistics and Trends
  6. RCMP National Public Complaints Directorate Statistics
  7. Progress on Mandate Commitments

Issue Briefs

  1. Systemic Racism in the RCMP
  2. Protective Equipment for Bearded Personnel – Covid-19
  3. Militarization of Police
  4. Police Intervention and Use of Chemical Munitions
  5. Police Intervention and Complaints
  6. Street Checks and Bias-Free Policing
  7. Police Violence and Indigenous Peoples
  8. First Nations Policing
  9. Collection of Race-Based Data
  10. RCMP's Efforts to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion
  11. CRCC Investigation – Colten Boushie
  12. Social media posts – Colten Boushie
  13. RCMP Response to CRCC Interim Reports
  14. Auxiliary Program in Yukon
  15. Use of Body Worn Video
  16. One Year – Report on the Investigation Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
  17. Overrepresentation of Certain Groups in Federal Institutions
  18. Clare's Law
  19. BC Arrest – Mental Health Training at RCMP
  20. RCMP Arrest of Inuit Domestic Abuse Victims
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